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What Is Your Resume Style?
A big part of digital artists prefer to send a portfolio with some samples of their work, but people that hire you are not usualy artists so they may prefer to do it in the traditional way, such as seen your resume and a cover letter first.

Chronological resumes provide a listing of each job you've held starting with your most recent job and going backwards. Up until the last few years, the chronological resume has been the most popular resume style. Why choose a Chronological Resume format?

  1. You have a strong work history and have worked for each employer 2 years or more and you have gaps of only a few months between each job.
  2. Listing job titles or the companies you have worked for creates an image that presents you as qualified for your objective.
  3. You have several years of employment in the field or type of position you seek. The positions you have held show growth in your desired field.

Functional resumes highlights your skills and accomplishments rather than your work history. It lists things you’re good at and things you’ve accomplished near the top of the page, and then summarizes the jobs or volunteer position you’ve held near the end.
The functional format is effective when you do not have a lot of work experience or none at all, switching fields or industries, or if you have had an inconsistent work history.

Combination resume integrates the ideas of both a functional and chronological resume by listing specific jobs under broad skill headings. It highlights skills and is easy to follow. If you fall into any one of the following categories, you may want to consider using a combination resume:

  1. Students, new graduates and entry-level job seekers. Workers with a steady, consistent employment history.
  2. Applicants reentering the job market, this takes a little bit of emphasis off the fact that you have not been working for a while.
  3. Older workers: Workers with extensive employment history need to sell their strongest credentials.

Simple resume sample

Firtsname Lastname


A creative Graphic Artist position in a professional problem-solving environment where I can utilize my artistic background, web, and graphic design skills as well as my previous creative, business, and management experience.. I am open to opportunities that involve developing innovative and technically challenging print and multimedia projects.

Ten years experience in Digital Design, primarily using world standard graphic design software such as Adobe, Corel, IBM, as well as five-six years in web design and development, with a demonstrated interest and ability to learn new technologies and applications. Experience with web-based publishing, working with software engineers and developers. Knowledge of Windows and Mac OS platforms, including IIS web server administration. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Employment History
CompanyName, Address
Multimedia Graphic Artist, 200.. - Present

Responsible for designing document styles to match corporate standards. Solved technical problems with customers in a multi-user LAN environment, including programming in GWBasic and DOS batch.
Resolved a wide spectrum of client file problems such as: fixing Flash, PowerPoint, Freelance, Visio presentations, encoding and importing videos, downsizing and layout editing to the PC and desktop publishing. Wrote and proofread numerous user guides.

CompanyName, Address
Desktop Publisher, 199.. – 200..

Created various layouts and designs for customer advertisers. Completed various DTP prepress image-processing jobs for the magazine.
Made ready web site designs from making root graphics and page integrations to uploading and routine testing on a server and Netscape & Explorer browsers.
Designed and created various covers for occasional supplementary and bi-annual publications.

B.A., Graphic Design, 199.. University of CompanyName, Address

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