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Digital art by George Grie
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Job Search Techniques
So, you're looking for a graphic design job or a digital artist career? This segment covers the fundamental steps to job hunting. Find out what you need to be ready for your digital design job search. Write and save your unique resume, cover letter, and thank you letter online.

The Job Search Checklist will help you in the job search process.
I have determined my interests, skills and values.
I have determined a possible jobs list or fields of interest.
I know the education requirements for the job.

Where do you want to work?

I have researched organizations or companies that will want to hire me.
I have searched entry level jobs, educational requirements, salary, geographical location for the field that I am interested in.

Get ready for the job search

I have prepared a professional e-mail account.
I have created a professional phone message on my phone.
I have prepared a resume.
I have created a cover letter.
I have prepared a portfolio with professional work samples and a business card.
I have developed my interview skills.
I have analyzed and memorized my work history and education for potential employers.
I have determined individuals who can be my professional references.

Start the search

I have uploaded my resume onto other job search websites.
I keep track of the resumes that I send out to employers.
I follow up on every interesting employment opportunity immediately.
I have told everyone that I know that I am looking for work.
I have developed a list of potential networking contacts and keep in touch with them.
I attend networking events.
I keep a copy of my resume and business card in case I get a call from an employer.
I create a cover letter suitable for each position that I am applying for.
I send a thank you letter or email to each person who interviews me.

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You put hours and hours of hard work into your job search and the companies you've contacted never call. It's a story all too common in the fast-paced, highly competitive world of job hunting. Nothing is more discouraging than sending one resumé after another into the job-hunting void.

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