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Digital art by George Grie
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Modern Abstract Art Wallpapers – Digital Design, Matte Painting Pictures Gallery

Featured Contemporary Computer Artists - 2D & 3D Art Media Images, Graphic Design Catalogue

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Digital abstract art wallpaper is a computer generated art, such as algorithmic, structured, and fractal art or created from photography or vector-pixel graphic software using a computer mouse or graphics tablet. Artwork pictures are considered digital abstract paintings when created similarly to traditional paintings but using computer software and producing the image as a print, poster, or painted canvas. Digital art painting and printing images are an acceptable media for many famous galleries. Globally, various museums start collecting digital abstracts now. We are in a post-digital era now; digital techniques aren't new in the art world anymore. Digital tools became a vital component of making modern abstract art wallpapers.

New century abstractionism
Digital abstract art uses a visual language of color, line, and form to create a universe that exists without visual reference to the realistic world. It is usually executed by computer assisted artists. Modern century abstraction saved its traditional ideas: the transcendental, meditative, expressive, and ageless.
- Abstract expressionism
- Action painting
- Algorithm art
- Cyberarts
- Digital painting
- Evolutionary art
- Fractal art
- Geometric abstraction
- Generative art
- Lyrical abstraction
- Op-art, optical art
- Systems art
- Software art
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If you are a serious creative artist with a strong commitment to your art, we would like to see your artwork images. There is no charge for inclusion in our exhibits. Our objective is familiarizing general public with contemporary digital arts, and providing direct access to pictures & web sitesof respective creative individuals.
Fantasyartdesign.com is an internet nonprofit educational project. Our visual gallery has no agenda except the promotion of modern computer artwork. It is free to the viewing public and contributing artists. It does no solicitation or promotional mailing. Content: 3D art images, fantasy art gallery, graphic design 3d wallpaper, digital artwork 2d 3d pictures, free desktop backgrounds images, digital art 3D wallpapers. Sponsored advertising has made this initiative possible.

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