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Freelance graphic design jobs
Are you interested in earning money as a graphic artists freelancer, doing what you love to do? You can advertise your freelance services directly to interested buyers, or you can search online project database and submit bids for the projects on which you would like to work. It's hard being a freelance designer these days. You need to be a sharp businessman. You need to spend as much energy on your marketing as you do on your design projects.

There are many ways freelance designers in the marketing communications arena stay ahead of the game. Some offer a unique layer of service such as free proofreading or liaison with printers. Some market themselves as specialists in a specific area, such as video-based websites or 3D design. And then there are a few other freelance pioneers who are integrating something entirely new.

8 "Easy" Steps to Get Graphic Design Clients for Your Freelance Business

  1. Clients. The best clients for a graphic design business are the ones that you already have, so make it work to your benefit. Send regular newsletters or emails to inform your clients about your graphic design services.
  2. Referrals. Ask clients for referrals - especially after the job projects are done and you have impressed them with your graphic design skills! Give incentives – e.g. give 20% off for the next design job for every new client they send to you.
  3. Portfolio. Look at other creative portfolio sites in order to get your graphic design services look distinctly. Create a portfolio for your graphic design business that you can present, before and after samples and explain why you used a certain approach.
  4. Cold mailing. Target people recently moved to the area that could benefit from your graphic design services. There are many low cost postcard printers out there - maybe work out a trade for printing and design?
  5. Co-operation. Give and get help from people in related fields. If someone contacts you and asks for your graphic design expertise, give it to them free! Chances are it will be remembered and rewarded in the future.
  6. Call your client. Call your client after the job is done. Ask questions about the service you provided. Can you improve something? More than anything, people will appreciate the follow up and will be more likely to remember you for the next project.
  7. Educate. Speak in the community - local businesses, professional organizations, etc. What made you want to become a graphic designer. How you feel graphic design contributes to society.
  8. Stay focused. Stay current in your field of graphic design. Stay educated up on new technology, new techniques, etc.

Online Self-Employed Freelancer & Home-Based Business Networking

If you want to get your graphic design freelance business out there, nothing is better than referrals and networking. Networking is the act of passing someone's name on to another person online.

  • Write Articles to Promote your Home-Based Business. Write articles about your 2d-3d graphic expertise and submit them to heavily trafficked websites. Make sure that you are link referenced in those articles.
  • Message Boards and Chat Rooms. Message boards and chat rooms attract individuals in need of advice. The way to network in this situation is to be as helpful and knowledgeable as you possibly can. If you are in a graphic design message board and someone is baffled about to use layers in Photoshop explain the process.
  • Freelance Business Info at The Bottom of Every e-mail. Every email that you send out should contain a signature. You never know who will need your design services, why risk missing out on a potential client?
  • Post Your Profiles & Resumes on Freelance Job Boards. Posting your profiles on the freelance job sites is a ideal way to network. How else better to get your name out in the freelance world than placing your name on a freelance site?
  • Reciprocal Link to Other Freelancer's Sites. If you have a web site, ask for a reciprocal link from others in your profession or similar professions. if you are a graphic designer, ask for reciprocal links from fellow graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, etc.
  • Introduce Yourself to Other Online Freelance Professionals. Search and find other professional's websites and email them. Introduce yourself and your services to them. Let them know that you are available for work if they ever need to outsource.
  • Place your Freelance Business website in directories and search engines. It is good to get your name out in searchable directories. It is recommend going to as many web site as possible to get listed in the right search engines & directories.

You've just opened your doors for business, nervously awaiting your first customer. Chances are they aren't going to be beating down your door right away. Here are many methods for a new graphic artist to find new clients. Choose those that you feel are most appropriate to your business and the clientele you want to attract.

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