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Digital art by George Grie
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Digital art landscape software
Do not waste thousands of dollars and hours of learning costly graphics design software to create a realistic 2D and 3D digital art landscapes. Main program that is worth mentioning is Terragen. Terragen is a unique freeware program designed to create photorealistic nature landscapes, but it doesn't allow you to place 3d objects directly in the terrain scene. Nevertheless, you may render a digital landscape and then use it in Photoshop or other 3d or 2d software program. If you are ready to be a professional artist, then there are hundreds of design programs ranging from few hundred to several thousand dollars. E.g. 3D Studio Max and Maya, Bryce and Poser along with specialized programs for animating, modeling, texturing, lighting, etc.

Nature & landscape graphic design
The set of the best landscape fantasy wallpapers exhibits a colorful group of contemporary digital artists. The modern artists that are working in the landscape art genre use 2d photos and 3d digital paintings as well as graphic design media to create unparalleled nature scenes. Once you've mastered one of digital landscape software and ready to learn more, there are many of others. With the mindset that free is usually better, we recommend take a look at the following natural scenery rendering, generating, and landscaping design programs:
- Terragen
- MojoWorld
- Bryce Daz3D
- Vue d'Esprit
- GeoFrac2000
- Blender
- Visual Terrain Maker
- Terrain for Rhino
- Landmark
- LandCADD
- PROLandscape, etc.
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Join the fantasy art gallery
If you are a serious creative artist with a strong commitment to your art, we would like to see your artwork images. There is no charge for inclusion in our exhibits. Our objective is familiarizing general public with contemporary digital arts, and providing direct access to pictures & websites of respective creative individuals.
Fantasyartdesign.com is a nonprofit educational project. Our visual gallery has no agenda except the promotion of modern computer arts. It is free to the viewing public and contributing artists. It does no solicitation or promotional mailing. Sponsored advertising has made this initiative possible. Wallpapers are suitable for standard and widescreen monitors MS Vista XP Windows7.

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